Summer Reading

Now that my gardens are flourishing and the spinach harvest is in the freezer, I’ve been spending the summer curled up on the porch with a stack of books. Have been invited to be the writer-in-residence at Earlham School of Religion and am prepping for the graduate seminars I’ll be teaching this summer and fall.

My cup runneth over.

“Writing for God” is first up in a couple of weeks; “Writing Literary Nonfiction” begins at the end of August. So now I’m up to my ears reading and thinking about story theology, narrative nonfiction and how God sends writers—in all media, in all languages, in all countries throughout the world—to illuminate the subtlest movements of Spirit and provide accompaniment through the dark. Am I incredibly blessed or what? Double-click on the photo to see the titles of some of the books I’m reading.

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  1. Hello, Ellen. I just wanted to say that love your blog page – it is so peaceful. Thanks for sharing your blessings! Looking forward to reading your book. :)

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